Crack Lotto


You will not see any extravagant claims below

Perhaps you think that Lotto numbers are random.  Do your homework - they are NOT random and they do NOT adhere to the "Law of averages"

Available through TradeMe New Zealand for New Zealand and Australian customers.  Go to and type in a search for "cracklotto".

[ This software works with... ]

* 6 number system picking from either 40 numbers, 45 numbers and 50 numbers 

## - Our system is designed to maximize your chances of producing multiple winning lines on a single ticket
## - this is NOT a random number generator

// You can use this immediately - there are no technical issues to learn..//

[ Subject to the conditions shown above, this system works on lotto games worldwide ]

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This site offers software to assist you to produce winning lotto combinations.  Our claim is simple...

     "we use techniques which generate numbers in such a way as to increase your chance of winning lotto at various levels"

System works ONLY with...

  1. 6 number selection to a maximum of 40 numbers
  2. 6 number selection to a maximum of 45 numbers
  3. 6 number selection to a maximum of 50 numbers

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